Thursday, August 31, 2017

New Shop

Well, it's been a long year. Once the engine was finished, it was time to upgrade my hangar and build on a new shop with enough room to restore old cars, build more planes, brew beer, and have a permanent mount for my telescope. The excavation began in May of 2016 with the expectation that all would be finished by my planned retirement date of March 2017. It didn't happen. As usual, the building project droned along for over a year. But now it's finished. There's the new shop with a garage door, a car lift, an upper building (a quonset) and an observatory. The upper building is used as a brewery and "sky lounge" for get-togethers. The old shop is now a wood shop and a paint booth.

Soon, the Travel Air will be back on the front burner. I'm retired and the space in one corner of the hangar is just for the T/A project. Work will resume soon...

I hope.

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